Calorie Counter for the HCG Diet

A calorie counter can be a great way to stay on track with your HCG diet. There are so many new ideas and recipes available which are great but it makes it even more important to watch every calorie you take in. On phase two of the HCG diet plan you are restricted to only 500 calories which can add up fast. Certain foods approved for VLCD have more calories than others and if your combine a higher calorie protein and a higher calorie vegetable in one meal you may be very limited in your choices for the next meal. Counting the calories as you go can help you keep on track without being forced to omit anything from your meals.

During phase three it is also important to keep track of your calories so that you maintain the number appropriate according to you BMR. It is as important to get enough calories on phase three as it was to restrict them on phase two. Maintenance is all about establishing a healthy metabolic rate; this is done by following all the steps of phase three exactly. A calorie counter can be invaluable when trying to do this.

There are a wide variety of calorie counters available. You can use calorie counting software, a simple chart, or something more technical. Whatever your preference, it is highly recommended that you have some way to keep track of your daily calorie intake. The diet is only as effective as you make it.

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