HCG Diet Dangers

All diets have possible dangers and knowing what they are before starting is an important part of dieting and the only way to have healthy weight loss that lasts a lifetime.

HCG is a hormone produced by a woman’s body during pregnancy. It is also used to treat both men and women who are having fertility problems. In the early 1950s it was also found to be an effective aid in losing weight, especially for people who need to lose a large amount of weight.

At first, HCG was only available by prescription and it was given by injection either in the doctor’s office or at home. Recently a homeopathic version of HCG was made available without prescription.Today it has gotten extremely popular because it does the exact same thing in the body as the full-strength hormone without having to go to a doctor. Also, the shots are very expensive, up to $2500 for six weeks.

The dangers of the HCG diet are like those of any diet that is very low in calories. If the HCG is not taken on this low calorie diet there is a real danger of losing the good fat that protects your organs and the bottom of your feet, among other places, and risking your health. It’s the HCG that causes the body to release stored fat, like belly and love handle fat, to use for energy, which is why the weight loss is fast and healthy .

Another danger of the HCG weight loss diet is not doing the maintenance phase after losing the weight , which means the weight comes right back. This causes a yo-yo effect where the body weight goes up and down. This can cause damage to the body’s immune system and metabolism, which makes it very hard to lose weight.

One of the biggest dangers of the HCG diet is buying HCG from an unknown, unproven source . There are many overseas companies selling what they claim is HCG when it’s actually not. This is a very dangerous risk. There is no FDA or quality control in these third-world countries. No one should ever use a medication that they are not 100% certain is what it claims to be.

HCG Side Effects

Most frequent side effects mentioned by dieters using hCG are: headaches, hair loss(temporary), and fatigue. Many of these symptoms could however be caused by the restricted diet and withdrawel symptoms.

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The dangers of the HCG diet are easy to see and avoid. Follow the diet as laid out in Pounds & Inches, by Dr. Simeons, and use the HCG as intended. Approach this as a solution, not a quick fix, and be sure to buy HCG from a reputable place that offers lifetime support by qualified experts. Following these simple steps will give you the chance for weight loss that is fast, safe and lifelong.