HCG Diet Plan

HCG diet plan

The HCG diet plan is based on the decades of research by Dr. Albert Simeons, a British endocrinologist. This diet plan has allowed people to lose weight rapidly and sustain the weight loss long term.

The HCG protocol combines HCG with a Very Low Calorie Diet (500 calories) . If you are looking to lose all of your excess fat and keep it off, you should consider the HCG diet weight loss protocol.

Now, you may wonder if 500 calories a day will leave you too hungry to stay motivated on the diet.

One of the facts of the HCG diet plan is that the HCG actually helps you to feel satisfied on just 500 calories a day. This happens because HCG instructs the hypothalamus to release 3000-4000 calories in stored fat every day. This is plenty to supplement the 500 calories in food without resulting in hunger.

One of the great motivating factors is that the HCG diet weight loss sees quick results.

Its easy to stay motivated when you see the pounds and inches falling off. Women lose an average of 0.5 to 0.75 pounds per day; men lose slightly more.

Be sure to take pictures and measurements before you start. When the scale isnt moving as fast as youd like, take your measurements. Youll find that your body is changing even if the scale doesnt reflect it.

You are going to have an overall body reshape in a good way.

The key to success in the HCG diet plan is to read Dr. Simeons book “Pound and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity”. Its very helpful to know the physiology behind the protocol and the 50-page book is written in easy-to-understand terms. Your success is based on reading the book, and then following the protocol as written.

Simply choosing the parts you want to follow and ignoring the rest will only lead to failure to reach or sustain your weight loss goals.

Eat the foods specified in the plan and dont eat the foods that are not allowed. Drink at least two liters of water each day. Dont use any personal care products made with oil. Dont cheat.

How to engage in the HCG diet plan?

If you plan on engaging in the HCG diet plan, the one thing that you need to remember is to be ready. As you already know, this diet is restrictive and it will require you to stick to eating specific food types in certain amounts for faster weight loss. At the same time, this may be costly as you will need to have your regular dose of HCG drops for that 21 day diet period.

To help you get started, here are some simple tips:

• Before going through the HCG diet plan, prepare yourself as it will surely be very difficult especially during the first phases as your body will just be starting to adjust.

• In order to make sure that this diet planwill be safe for you, it is advisable that you consult with a licensed nutritionist-dietician first. Your doctor can help you assess the condition of your body and provide you with the proper instructions on how much weight you may need to lose. (Also read: hcg diet dangers and side effects)

• The first phase of the HCG weight loss plan is the loading phase. This happens during the first two days of the 21 day period. During this phase, you get to eat all the food that you want as you need to load up enough energy and essential nutrients to sustain you during the rest of the days that you will be following the diet plan.

• Now comes the hard part which is the VLCD or Very Low Calorie phase. This is where the real work begins. During this phase, you will be required to decrease your calorie consumption to only 500 calories per day along with your regular doses of HCG. Since this is a restrictive diet, you will need to eliminate certain food types from your diet such as sugar, carbohydrates, and fats as these are the things that contribute so much to weight gain. You will be allowed to drink only those that do not have sugar or caffeine and will be given fruits for dessert so as to satisfy your cravings for something sweet. At the same time, you need to stick to eating 200 grams of lean meat per day and consume only specific kinds of vegetables. More on the hcg diet menu here.

• During the latter phase of the HCG diet plan which is known as the stabilization phase, you begin to increase your caloric intake to 800 for women or 1000 for men. This phase usually lasts for 21 days before you can return to a normal and healthy diet.

How To Succeed on the HCG Diet Plan

To succeed with the HCG diet plan, follow the protocol by the book. HCG dieters have a 70% long-term success rate, meaning 70% keep the weight off, which is unheard of with any other diet in the history of diets. Following the HCG diet protocol means long-term weight loss success for you.

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