HCG Diet Recipes

The HCG weight loss diet is a strict weight loss strategy that requires a very low calorie diet. Although it requires a lot of determination and willpower, the results it promises are worth the effort. It only allows 500 calories per day along with HCG supplements or injections that will be responsible for regulating your metabolic functions. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone produced by pregnant women, will drastically decrease your fat stores while keeping you full and satisfied for longer. As long as supplements or injections are used with well-balanced meals, you do not need to worry about side effects such as dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.

The HCG diet plan aims to help you lose weight and stay in shape even after you return to a normal dietary pattern. When this powerful hormone takes effect, you can easily feel full after consuming only 500 calories per day. Protein-rich and low-carbohydrate foods, when consumed in low quantities, magnify the effect of the HCG hormone. The problem with this diet is that normal cookbooks will be of no help. If you want to satisfy the requirements of the HCG diet, you should try out some of these low-fat and low-calorie recipes.

Fancy lettuce wraps

This recipe combines the high-fiber vegetables and protein-rich meat that can give dieters a long-lasting feeling of fullness. It is also very easy to prepare so you can take it with you to work or wherever you want to go. To cook this meal, you will need to mix a pound of ground turkey or beef and mix it with low-fat, sugar-free Fajita seasoning. After browning the ground beef or turkey, saute onions and bell peppers in a medium-sized pan. Wrap the vegetable mixture and meat in lettuce leaves and enjoy the meal while it is still hot.

Fruit salad and shish kabobs

Is your sweet tooth craving for something delicious yet healthy? Mix a cup of sliced strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and fresh pineapples and chill them. Before enjoying this dessert, you can also prepare Shish Kabobs by mixing chunks of shrimp and lean chicken together. After this, mix some tomato chunks, cherry tomatoes, onions, and some vegetables of your choice. Put all of them on skewers and season them with lemon juice and fresh herbs before grilling them.

Herbed fish and broccoli

This meal is packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. To cook this meal, you have to prepare 3 1/2 oz of chopped broccoli and 3 1/2 oz of white fish. Next, peel a tomato and cut into small pieces. Mix oregano, thyme, salt, and pepper into the bottom a skillet. Add the white fish and drizzle some lemon on it. Add tomatoes and broccoli as well as a few tablespoons of water and cook all of them in low-medium heat. Once you have already cooked the fish, serve it with zesty lemon wedges. This zesty recipe will surely satisfy your taste buds as well as your need for protein.

Baked fish in foil

This zesty and tasty HCG recipe is great for those who do not have enough time to prepare complicated meals. You can prepare a few servings ahead of time, freeze it, and heat in afterwards. One hundred grams of fish, a few slices of lemon, and a dash of salt and pepper are the only ingredients you will need to complete this recipe. Place the fish in a piece of foil, drizzle lemon juice onto the fish, and season it with salt and pepper. Bake fish at over 350 degrees until it is completely cooked. While eating this scrumptious meal, you can reward yourself more by thinking about all the extra weight you will lose through the HCG diet.

Quick protein breakfast

Are you looking for an easy-to-prepare yet protein-rich breakfast? This delicious recipe will surely energize you and make you feel ready for another long and busy day. To cook this dish, you have to prepare one hundred grams of fish, chicken, or beef as well as a few slices of orange and cucumber. Boil the sliced meat and place it on a plate and arrange the cucumbers and oranges. Drizzle some salt, pepper, and vinegar to taste. After enjoying this delightful meal, do not forget that you have to remove it from your allowed total number of calories for the entire day.

Chicken and salsa

Have you always been a fan of Mexican-inspired meals? This tangy Southwestern recipe will surely satisfy your cravings. Prepare 100 grams of chicken, chop a tomato, and chop an onion. Simmer the chicken with the chopped tomatoes and onions. Add some salt, cayenne, pepper or other seasonings of your choice. Simmer it until the chicken is completely cooked and serve it on top of spinach or lettuce. To add some zest to this recipe, juice a slice of fresh orange on top of the chicken meat.

These are only some of the recipes that you can try while you are on your HCG diet. Although it is known as a restrictive weight loss strategy, you can make the entire process more enjoyable by experimenting with some of the healthy recipes mentioned in this article. Once you have learned the importance of making the right food choices, you can finally maximize the potentials of the HCG supplements you are taking.