HCG Dosage For Weight Loss

To ensure that you are successful losing weight with HCG, it’s crucial to take the right dosage of hCG. There are two options to take HCG.

HCG Injections

The dosage for HCG injections is 125IU (international units). These injections have to be done in a larger muscle in the body or into the fatty area of the stomach. Examples of a large muscle are the upper thighs or upper buttock area. You want to change injection areas to avoid any irritation. HCG injections are limited to 40 due to the fact that the body will build up an immunity to them.

There is a required 6 week waiting period before you can start HCG again, giving your body time to basically reset and open up to the use of HCG again.

HCG Drops

Your other option is HCG weight loss drops. These are taken orally, and are spread out throughout the day. To be sure that you are getting enough HCG to be successful, you will need to take 3 ml, or 60 drops per day.

You can take the drops three to six times daily, depending on whichever schedule works best for you, as long as you take the full daily dose. You may read that half that amount is the same as the 125IU injection, but you have to take into account the acids and saliva in your mouth. These can dilute the solution rendering it useless if you don’t take enough.

Unlike injections, you can use drops up to 60 days, and your body will not develop an immunity to them.

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