HCG Drops

HCG drops contain hCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a glycoprotein hormone that is produced during pregnancy after the embryo develops after conception as well as later on in the placenta. HCG primarily functions to nourish the growing fetus as it burns the fat stores the mother has. When taken in small doses daily, much like what you can get out of HCG drops, it can help you lose weight at a rate of up to 2lbs per day, more when accompanied by a highly restrictive 500-calorie diet. Due to this, HCG has been gaining a lot of attention in the weight loss industry, with its effects highlighted by the fact that an HCG drops weight loss program is very easy to begin, maintain, and stop.

The beginnings of HCG drops

HCG drops were developed when A.T.W. Simeons discovered that the hormone worked on addressing obesity during the late 1950s, while he was at work in India. He came to the realization that pregnant women themselves in India were malnourished, but were still surprisingly able to deliver very healthy babies. This observation aided Dr. Simeons in understanding how the main component of HCG drops, hCG, was released in the body during pregnancy and it’s ability to direct the body to burn off fat reserves without affecting muscle quality. Using this process Dr. Simeons designed a diet plan that involves the administration of hCG for a certain period of time and low-calorie meal plans.

As HCG has influence over the hypothalamus, the hormone is the one giving the gland instructions to tap into the fat stores when the body is receiving low-calorie nourishment. As such, every time HCG drops are administered and dieters follow the strict 500-calorie allotment for everyday, it’s like the body is receiving orders that it must not burn off anything else except the excesses in the fat stores, letting the body tap into fat stores first for energy expenditures. And because fat stores are being used up daily, you lose weight at a fast yet steady rate.

Dr. Simeons had a theory that the HCG worked to tap into stored fat and distribute them in the body, helping the body better metabolize whatever it was tapping into for energy. HCG drops were all the rage until the 1960s but experienced a decline in popularity until it was revived in 2007 by Kevin Trudeau. Trudeau was today’s Dr. Simeons, giving everyone the lowdown on the applications and impact that HCG drops can have in your life.

The benefits of HCG diet drops

So what can HCG drops do for you? HCG drops can make quick work of those unwanted fats because, like any good solution, they attack the root of the problem. In the case of weight loss, you’re looking at low metabolism and hunger pangs, both controlled by the body through the hypothalamus. By regulating your metabolism then and keeping hunger pangs at bay, HCG as a hormone then is able to make the results of your weight loss efforts last for a longer time. This is because you will need to burn off fat anyway all throughout your days so a single spike in your metabolic rate won’t be able to sustain your fat-burning requirements. By making your body a more efficient fat-burning machine, you no longer need those spikes because you’ll be enjoying the best fat-burning rate you are capable of all the time. Additionally, hunger pangs kept at bay means you won’t be snacking throughout the day so you prevent consuming all those extra calories. And where there are no extra calories consumed, you don’t have anything to store, so you keep those fat stores to a minimum. Minimal fat stores, after all, mean you have less to burn off in order to achieve weight loss.

HCG drops are also excellent for dealing with problem areas because they are capable of releasing fat from the problem areas so you don’t have to worry about the first-in-last-out dilemma. Because those problem areas will easily be dealt with, it would appear that you have been reshaped too after you use the drops.

The HCG drops diet

The HCG diet plan involved in taking HCG drops typically last at least 26 days, although there are programs that take up to 43 days. Out of those 26 days, 23 involve taking your daily dose of HCG, while the remaining three days are to give your body enough time to flush out the hormone out of your system before you get started on eating normally again. You can pretty much eat anything actually on this diet for as long as you stay within the 500-calorie limit. Of course, since you’re trying to lose weight, you should opt for healthier food options, like fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats, saying no to anything generally processed (read HCG diet menu and HCG diet recipes for more information on HCG meals). Out of the at least 26 days you will be on the diet, you start eating just 500 calories at around time you take your third dose of HCG drops. At the end of the diet, you can expect to lose about 30 pounds in one month. Should you lose between 34 and 40 pounds before you meet the end of the 43-day program, your schedule will be cut short.

Where to get the HCG diet drops?

There are already a lot of weight loss centers out there and more and more are looking into including the HCG diet into their offerings. You can look up if one is located near you online or through your trusty phone book directory. Wherever you get your HCG drops, just make sure to assess the quality of the drops and only buy HCG weight loss drops made in the USA.